Our clients are our biggest supporters. Here's what others are saying about Compcierge IGS.

“Compcierge is a fantastic tool ……...... The system is highly comprehensive, an ultimate tool for all future Concierges.”
Front Office Manager , Traders Hotel, Singapore
“Compcierge IGS has many useful features and is user friendly. The Quality of service support is excellent… an overall good experience. The dining search and communication tools are very useful.”
Chef Concierge, Grand Copthorne Waterfront, Singapore
“It has helped us tremendously, especially with the maps, directions and business information. Compcierge is fast, reliable and updated and beats our old process of surfing the Internet for answers.”
Guest Relations Manager, JW Marriott Miami, USA
“The Compcierge system is very fast and makes it easy to find information for our guests...it's very helpful.”
Concierge, Hyatt Regency Miami, USA
“Compcierge San Francisco contains an incredible amount of information...easily and quickly accessible - even to non- computer people... our guests are impressed! ”
Front Office Manager, Marriott, Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, USA