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Compcierge Asia PteLtd, is an associate of Compcierge USA, a leading provider of guest service technology in the USA. With over a decade of IT Hospitality experience, working with the world's top leading international hotel brands, and a multi-national client base, opportunities for growth were planted abroad and Compcierge Asia was established in 2010.

With our corporate HQ based in Singapore, and presence in Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Malaysia, we are strategically positioned to service our clients faster and more efficiently at our regional support centre. We believe to "think globally and act locally" - to deliver on local needs, is what makes us your ideal partner for guest services technology.

As guest expectations evolve, the service and hospitality industry are met with changing demands.Our global team brings together expertise from IT Hospitality, Digital Marketing and various Hospitality Sectors. Bringing together our experience in product development, innovation, technical support and service knowledge, we integrate this with cutting edge technology to deliver true innovation in the guest experience delivery. We have taken advantage of the rapid pace of change in technology to introduce multiple platforms; IGS e-connect, Interactive, and Direct TV, while continually adapting and implementing innovations to fulfill and meet your customized needs. We strive to get to know your business better to ensure you get success.

Compcierge IGS is a Web-based software application that manages task-tracking and database solutions for concierges including guest services, front desk, executive lounge, and many other depts to improve guest services, productivity, and efficiency. Used by international hoteliers across America and Asia, our clients include Hilton, Hyatt, JW Marriott, Millennium, Sheraton, Renaissance, and Westin.

Experience the next level in guest service standards and contact us at +65 64764787.

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